Traditional Consortia

Understand the Value of Web3.

Solution Overview

Web3 allows industry participants to run highly resilient shared infrastructure without the need to trust a single entity. This property makes it worthwhile for traditional consortia to explore how Web3 can bring value to all its stakeholders. Wivity can aid these explorations.

Case Study

Securing the Distributed Energy Grid

The Challenge

The energy grid is migrating from centralized power generation to distributed power generation provided by millions of solar panels, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems. While this increases the resiliency of power generation, it also makes the challenge of securing the supply chain much more complex.

Our Solution

Wivity helped SunSpec Alliance build its first cybersecurity certification program for distributed energy resources (DERs) and store the data on a new blockchain network called Lumian. The result will be a “cybersecurity nervous system” that provides the necessary security and reduces the cost burden on participants.


Tom Tansy

CEO DER Security Corp, Chairman SunSpec Alliance

“SunSpec has developed some of the most widely adopted standards programs in distributed energy and our membership includes the biggest names in our industry. Wivity’s experience running working groups combined with their willingness to understand the needs of our membership has allowed SunSpec to effectively integrate Web3 into its programs for the benefit of all.”

Specific benefits of our solution


Wivity enlisted innovative crypto-native companies to meet the privacy requirements of SunSpec’s members.


Wivity advocated for a phased approach with cybersecurity requirements to give vendors a gradual path to adoption yet still meet the security demands of the industry.

Industry Support

Wivity is helping SunSpec gain industry support through an alliance with CALSSA and advocacy within the California Public Utility Commission.

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