Web3 Governance:  Soulbound Tokens over Fungible Tokens

Today OMA3 released its SBT Litepaper to the public.  The lite paper is the result of the combined efforts of Wivity and Animoca Brands.  Wivity brought its decades of consortium governance and operations experience, and Animoca brought its tokenonics experience with dozens of projects.  The result is the future of decentralized governance. Consortiums have known for decades what DAOs are just…

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A New Wivity Governance Organization for the Web3 Metaverse

Today leading Web3 metaverse companies, including Animoca Brands, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Upland, Dapper Labs and Alien Worlds, announced OMA3 (“Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3"). We are tremendously excited to guide this effort and applaud the vision of these companies. When we work with companies we usually need to convince them that Wivity Governance is the most effective way to achieve mass…


A New Layer 1 for Cybersecurity- Wivity is creating Lumian Foundation to secure the distributed energy grid

Almost four years ago we joined SunSpec Alliance to help secure the distributed energy grid.  Since then wildfires, power outages, and oil sanctions have only increased the need for distributed energy.  We started the SunSpec Blockchain Work Group in 2019 and the official specification was published in early 2021.  Late last year we quietly created the Lumian Foundation as a…


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