A New Layer 1 for Cybersecurity- Wivity is creating Lumian Foundation to secure the distributed energy grid

Almost four years ago we joined SunSpec Alliance to help secure the distributed energy grid.  Since then wildfires, power outages, and oil sanctions have only increased the need for distributed energy.  We started the SunSpec Blockchain Work Group in 2019 and the official specification was published in early 2021.  Late last year we quietly created the Lumian Foundation as a…


Crypto wallets- Who to trust when you can’t trust product reviews

Web3 has the potential to restructure our lives for the better, but it also requires us to take more responsibility for how we protect our Web3 assets.  There are two reasons for this: Web3 transactions are irreversible: For the most part, you can’t get your money back. Web3 accounts are anonymous (pseudonymous to be exact): It’s hard for law enforcement…


Corporations- It’s 2022. Do you know where your NFT private keys are?

The largest brands in the world are jumping into NFTs: Coca-Cola:  #6 on the Forbes brand listDisney:  #7Louis Vuitton: #9McDonald’s:  #10Nike:  #13Visa:  #18Budweiser:  #21 That’s a third of the world’s Top 21 brands.  Each of these companies has an active cybersecurity group but were they involved with vetting their NFT minting process? I certainly hope so but since NFTs are…


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