The new deadline for Rule 21 compliance is January 22 2020

Wivity is your resource for Rule 21 information, compliance solutions, and site installation tools.  Contact us for a free compliance roadmap assessment.

Rule 21 Latest Updates

The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) and the Smart Inverter Working Group (SWIG) are still finalizing the remaining requirements for Rule 21 compliance.  The test procedure has been finalized but there are still remaining documentation details.  Given the January 22, 2020 date is a few months away Wivity recommends starting you internal testing now.  Contact us if you need assistance or advice.

Introducing the Programmable IEEE 2030.5 SunSpec Modbus Gateway

• SunSpec Modbus interface

• Built-in Rule 21 functions 1 & 8 support

• Compliant with CA SB 327

• Configurable WiFi, LTE, and/or Ethernet

• Proven reliability

Rule 21 SunSpec Certificate Provisioning and Management

Provision your device for Rule 21 communications with a single API that provides IEEE 2030.5 addresses, PINs, SunSpec certificates, and server URLs.  Minimize your up-front development and provisioning expenses.

Provisioning APIs

Management Portal


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