CA Rule 21 Phase 2 cybersecurity compliance solutions

Phase 2 of California Public Utilities Commission Electric Rule 21 will be enforced August 22, 2019.  It specifies communication security requirements for all energy-exporting solar inverters and energy storage systems.  Wivity offers a range of solutions to help you comply easily.

X.509 Certificate Provisioning and Management

Download SunSpec x.509 certificates and LFDI/SFDI/PIN meta data to your DER device with our provisioning APIs.  Provisioning can even happen after the device has left the factory floor.  Manage certificates and PINs from different authorities across the globe using our certificate re-provisioning APIs and management portal.  

Provisioning APIs

Management Portal

Communication Hardware with built-in compliance

Wireless Gateway


USB Modem

XGA Module

Trusted Communication Modules (TCMs) from Wivity's manufacturing partners have built-in Rule 21 compliant certificates and security algorithms.  If you have an inverter that has already passed Rule 21 Phase 1, try SunSpec Modbus gateways with built-in scheduling and IEEE 2030.5 support- the quickest path to compliance.  Need an aggregation service?  We have that covered too.


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