Wivity Root of Provenance-
Creating the most trustworthy NFTs on the blockchain

The long term success of NFTs depends on accurate provenance – the ability to verify who created the NFT and who has owned it. Although blockchain technology helps record the transfer of ownership, it cannot verify the origin of the NFT such as the identity of the creator or the security of the creator’s signing key. The consequence? Continuing trust issues and financial risk to marketplaces, collectors, and the creators themselves.

Wivity is transferring Root of Provenance to a DAO-
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Wivity’s Root of Provenance Service verifies the owner and security of NFT signing keys

Verify the Creator

3rd party verification matches the NFT creator to the signing key

Verify Key Security

3rd party verification ensures the signing key was properly created and secured

Wivity increases the overall trust in the NFT economy

For Marketplaces

Eliminates the effort, cost, and risk associated with verifying the authenticity of NFTs

For Creators

Protect your identity from forgers and inspire confidence in your collectors

For Collectors

Gain confidence in your NFT purchase decisions and protect your portfolio value

How it Works

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