Leverage Your Security Advantage

Validate your commitment to cybersecurity with a DeviceLookup™ recommendation

Security is a Differentiator with Purchasers



55% of consumers do not trust the security of IoT devices, according to a study commissioned by the Internet Society. Give them something to trust.



No matter what industry, the largest companies in the world require in-depth evaluations on the security level of the devices they deploy.

Security is Required by the Law

California, Oregon, and other jurisdictions already require security appropriate for the application. What is appropriate? Contact us to assess your security needs.

Registering your device on DeviceLookup™ is the competitive advantage you need


Consumer Assurance

A DeviceLookup™ endorsement for your application comes with an infographic and other assets you can publicize on online retail sites.


Streamlined Purchasing

Registering on DeviceLookup™ minimizes the assessment effort and approval time with purchasing departments at large corporations.


Legal Compliance

DeviceLookup™ recommendations are made with the device application in mind, addressing the "reasonableness" clause in IoT security laws.

Choose from the top labs around the world to start the DeviceLookup™ registration process

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