Infrastructure DAOs

The Future of Infrastructure Governance.

Solution Overview

Wivity Governanceā„¢ gives infrastructure DAOs an attractive alternative to fungible token-based governance and the RFC-based decision making process.

Case Study

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The Challenge

[Company B] struggled with funding and sustainability for their evolving digital infrastructure.

Our Solution

Leveraging the tokenomics inherent to Infrastructure DAOs, we established a self-sustaining funding model, incentivizing contributors and ensuring long-term viability.


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Specific benefits of our solution

Incentivized Participation

Wivity leverages a reputation tracking system and token allocations to incentivize contribution and participation.

Proven Processes

Our processes have been refined for decades in consortia and get to better outcomes with less friction than the typical RFC-based process.

One Member, One Vote

Instead of fungible token-based voting, which is susceptible to vote-buying attacks, Wivity Governance utilizes soulbound tokens to give each participant only one vote.

Limited Liability

Wivity Governance uses decentralized legal shells such as the US 501c6 and the Swiss association to protect DAO participants and avoid centralization.

Unlock the Potential of Decentralized Infrastructure Governance

Current infrastructure DAOs have limitations. Wivity Governance is the new path forward.