Decentralized Governance Optimization

Service Overview

As decentralized governance experts we love to analyze the structure and processes of existing DAOs and consortia. We can spot vulnerabilities in corporate bylaws and DAO constitutions. We can recognize process deficiencies that are short changing your decision-making.

Why Use Us?


A single line in your bylaws or constitution can cause headaches down the road. You don’t skip code audits. Why not conduct a governance audit?


Most DAOs have no process or use an RFC-based process from 1969. The most successful consortia have moved way beyond RFCs and their improvements can have a major impact on your productivity.


Our engagement doesn’t end with a presentation and a document handoff. We continue to support your leaders in setting meeting agendas, generating documentation, and hitting milestones.

Process Optimization

OMA3 Working Groups

Rather than adopt the traditional RFC process used by Layer 1s and 2s, OMA3 opted for Wivity's more rigorous working group process inspired by hardware consortiums such as Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Alliance. This process is designed to reduce friction between participants and produce better design outcomes.

Success Spotlight

Enhancing the Polygon Infra DAO

Experience the tangible results of our expertise through our collaboration with Polygon. Our governance optimization strategies played an instrumental role in enhancing their Web3 collaborative endeavors, further validating our proficiency in the domain.

Level Up Your Governance

Suboptimal governance is the invisible wall constraining your progress or the trap waiting to be triggered. Learn how you can improve your governance.