Service Overview

Unlike centralized organizations, a consortium or DAO cannot easily change its structure. Governance must be set up correctly from the start. Leverage the proven Wivity Governance framework to put your collaboration on the right path for success.

For more information on Wivity Governance, read the litepaper.

Why choose our service?


We have decades of experience creating and running large decentralized consortia. We understand how to set up governance for the long term.


Non profit decentralized organizations require specialized knowledge in law and finance. Our network of service providers are the best in the business.


Alliances can make or break a collaboration in its infancy. Our network and experience negotiating alliances will streamline your partnering process.

Success Spotlight

Wivity led the formation of OMA3 as a Swiss association and set up the governance framework and processes. Our industry ties enabled OMA3 to closely align with Khronos Group and their Metaverse Standards Forum project, cementing OMA3’s position as the leading standards organization for the Web3 metaverse.

Ready To Create Your Consortium or DAO?

Setting up efficient and long-lasting decentralized governance is a specialized process. Unfortunately many get it wrong.
Start your consortium or DAO on the right path.