Wivity is leading the SunSpec Blockchain Work Group

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Today the SunSpec Alliance announced creation of the Blockchain Work Group to further secure the distributed energy grid. Specifically, the blockchain specification will ensure that credentials (e.g.- private keys) used to secure communications have not been compromised somewhere in the supply chain. It’s an often-overlooked part of cybersecurity, but thanks to the diligence of another SunSpec effort- the Cybersecurity Work…

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Solving IoT Security with Transparency

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IoT device security is broken. A 2019 study by the Internet Society found that 70% of consumer IoT devices contain serious vulnerabilities, leaving your private data (such as banking passwords) open to attack through one of these products. Most of these devices are everyday items which go unnoticed by consumers until they are hacked. This is exactly what happened to…

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Interpreting California’s IoT Security Law SB 327

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In our last post we talked about California’s SB 327 Information privacy: connected devices law. Today we’re going to discuss what it takes to comply with the law. Our conversations at CES 2018 have revealed much confusion on this point. Please keep in mind that we are not attorneys and you should seek council to mitigate your risk until there’s…

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