Blockchain Consortia

Building Web3 Standards and Infrastructure for Industry.

Solution Overview

Wivity Governance™ is a framework purpose-built for blockchain consortia. It uses a traditional consortium structure and adds a reputation tracking system that solves the Tragedy of the Commons problem, which has plagued decentralized organizations and open-source projects for decades.

The Challenge

Space and Upland saw the need to create standards for the Web3 metaverse. They quickly recruited Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Decentraland, Dapper Labs, Sandbox, and others to their cause, but lacked a clear plan forward.

Our Solution

Wivity introduced its governance framework to the soon-to-be OMA3 founders at NFT.NYC in 2022. Soon after, Wivity worked with attorneys to create the OMA3 Swiss association in October 2022. Since then Wivity has helped OMA3 leaders run board meetings, manage working groups, recruit new members, and create partnerships with organizations such as Metaverse Standards Forum and Blockchain Game Alliance.


Dirk Lueth


, Chairperson

“Wivity is a rare combination of consortium expertise and Web3 knowledge. We are fortunate to have Wivity guiding OMA3’s formation and processes as we build technology for an interoperable and user-owned metaverse.”

Specific benefits of our solution

Inclusive Decision-making

Wivity Governance™ champions a framework where every stakeholder's voice is valued and heard, ensuring all perspectives are considered in blockchain consortium decisions.

Transparent Operations

We guide consortia towards transparent operations, making certain that every action, decision, and standard setting process is clear, instilling trust among participants.

Decentralized Leadership

With our expertise, blockchain consortia can truly harness the power of decentralization, striking the right balance between autonomous action and collective consensus.

Dynamic Governance

Recognizing the ever-evolving nature of the blockchain space, Wivity assists consortiums in ensuring their governance structures remain agile, proactive, and responsive to emerging trends and challenges.

Realize your Web3 goals

Well-run blockchain consortia will help your industry reap the massive benefits of adopting Web3. Let us be your guide.