Our Mission

Enable the next generation of infrastructure to onboard the remaining 99% into Web3

About Wivity

Wivity builds technology products that validate the security of private keys used in cybersecurity and blockchain applications. Wivity works with customers in distributed energy, software tools, and digital art to establish a Root of Provenance™ for private keys. 

Wivity’s technology was ratified as an official specification of the SunSpec Alliance and has the ultimate goal of securing and streamlining the connected device supply chain. Wivity’s consortium capabilities leverage decades of experience in consortium operations including legal, governance, technical, and processes to help industries build and govern blockchain projects.

Our Team


Alfred Tom has 25 years in mobile, wireless, and automotive. He has helped create multiple industry standards, the latest being MirrorLink. He has degrees from MIT, Stanford, and UCLA.


Jörg Brakensiek received his PhD 25 years ago and has spent time at Microsoft and Nokia, where he invented the MirrorLink standard. He remains the Chief Architect of MirrorLink.


Ed Lopez was President of HDMI Licensing LLC and Chief Legal and Administrative Officer at Silicon Image. He was also General Counsel for THX, Terayon Communications, and Resound.


Kari Kostiainen is Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich and Coordinator of Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center (ZISC). He holds a doctorate in computer science from Aalto University.