Our Mission

Unlocking the full potential of Web3 through governance

About Wivity

Wivity® creates and manages governance organizations for Web3 infrastructure projects.  Its Wivity Governance™ framework combines consortium best practices with decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) mechanics to help industries implement and govern decentralized infrastructure.  Wivity Governance reflects Wivity’s decades of experience in consortium operations including legal, governance, technical, and processes.  It is used by companies in industries ranging from distributed energy to the metaverse.

Our Team

Group 22 1

Alfred Tom has 25 years in mobile, wireless, and automotive. He has helped create multiple industry standards, the latest being MirrorLink. He has degrees from MIT, Stanford, and UCLA.​

Group 22 2

Jörg Brakensiek received his PhD 25 years ago and has spent time at Microsoft and Nokia, where he invented the MirrorLink standard. He remains the Chief Architect of MirrorLink.


Judy Chen was a General Manager for Electronic Arts and Glu Mobile. She was also president of the MHL video hardware consortium. She has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Group 22 6

Nick Peshavaria has held C-level roles in a variety of organizations including Verisign, Yaana, Hotpyp, and Azaire. As Managing Director of Vodafone he founded multiple telecom consortia.