Build Once Connect Everywhere

Wireless connectivity is now plug and play!  

WiFi, cellular, LoRa, or SIGFOX?   Choose your network at installation time, and easily replace it when networks change.


Wireless networks morph and sunset, leaving you to deal with expensive hardware replacements.  Wivity modem replacements are as simple as changing a battery- no need for skilled technicians.

Use our development kit to integrate the Wivity socket into your device.  Forget AT commands- our modems speak HTTP and IP, the universal languages of the Internet.  Each modem is a lightweight web server!

Insert the proper modem depending on network availability at the installation site.  All modems (cellular, LPWAN, satellite, WiFi, etc.) are plug-and-play interchangeable- no firmware updates necessary.

Don't spend months deciding on connectivity- integrate Wivity and connect to any network at any point in the product life cycle

Integrate the Wivity Socket


Choose your Connectivity


Replace Connectivity Anytime

Build your device and leave the connectivity to us

Wivity Modem

The Wivity development board has all the hardware and software you need to start integrating Wivity into your device.  Connect to your PC or your existing device hardware.

Development Board

Wivity modems are web servers that support IP and HTTP POST requests over a serial interface.  They measure 1.25" x 2" x 0.2".  Our first two modems support SIGFOX and LTE.

Wivity Socket

The Wivity socket connects your device to Wivity modems.  It contains pins for UART, USB, power, ground, and 3 external antennas.  Devices can also use the modem's internal antenna.



Modems are hot-swappable in the field, enabling easy upgrades to newer and better networks

Interchangeable modems for every network means your device has coverage in every locale on Earth

Future Proof

Put a Wivity expansion slot in your WiFi device and it’s ready for cellular connectivity at any time

Wivity brings Internet standards right into your device

Wivity brings technology platform expertise to IoT

Wivity's founders are responsible for technology standards you may be using now or have used in the past.  At companies like Apple, General Motors, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia, and Sony we've had a huge influence on technologies such as IrDA, GENIVI®, and most recently MirrorLink®.
  If you'd like to build your own Wivity modems, stay tuned.  That program will be coming shortly.

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