Know Your Device's Security

Verify the security of a device before you buy.  DeviceLookup™ is coming soon.

What is the DeviceLookup™?

API Service

Companies that want to use the data for applications such as an online retail site can use our API service.

Test and Certification Data

Manufacturers who get their devices tested by a lab have the option to put the test results on DeviceLookup.

Security Recommendations

DeviceLookup analyzes the test data and gives recommendations on use cases appropriate for the device.

Are you a manufacturer?  Register your device.

Devices that have already been tested for security by an accredited lab may already be eligible for DeviceLookup.

Verifying a device's security requires third-party testing by accredited labs.

Differentiate yourself with a third-party security endorsement.

Are you a cybersecurity test lab?

Learn about our test lab program.

Labs with ISO 17025 are automatically eligible to add test data to DeviceLookup.  There is no cost to be an Authorized Test Lab.

Creating the Blockchain Standard for Energy

Wivity is leading the SunSpec Alliance's Blockchain Work Group to secure the distributed energy resource network


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