Introducing Lumian™-
A new blockchain optimized for US supply chain security

Learn how Lumian and SunSpec are creating the most trustworthy distributed energy resources on the grid

Lumian implements SunSpec Blockchain-
A New Standard in Distributed Energy

On March 29, 2021 the SunSpec Alliance ratified the SunSpec Blockchain specification. Wivity thanks SunSpec and the following firms for contributing to the specification and demonstrating leadership in energy cybersecurity.

SunSpec and Cybersecurity

The SunSpec Alliance is a consortium with hundreds of members dedicated to creating industry standards for distributed energy resources such as solar generators, battery systems, and electric vehicles.  Wivity is leading SunSpec’s IEEE 2030.5 cybersecurity certification program.

Lumian Foundation is a Standards DAO

Standards DAOs enable fundamental Web3 infrastructure projects to increase industry collaboration and accelerate adoption


Consortium Shell

Standards DAOs use proven consortium practices.  Consortums are inherently decentralized and purpose-built for standardization.


Token Mechanics

Standards DAOs reward member contribution and adoption with token incentives. This addresses the “Crisis of the Commons” problem common in many consortiums and open source projects.


Smart Contracts

Standards DAOs leverage smart contracts to enable more decentralization than is typically possible in a traditional consortium.

Download the Standards DAO paper to learn more

Presenting OMA3™-
A Standards DAO™ for the Web3 Metaverse

Wivity is leading OMA3’s effort to create metaverse standards in decentralization, interoperability, and user ownership