Secure your IoT device with one line of code

California IoT Deadline is January 1, 2020

California Information Privacy: Connected Devices Act

All connected devices sold in California must have security

2020 is just one product design cycle away.  Contact us to learn about how you can comply.  Read our blog posts for more information.

Introducing the Trusted Communication Module

Communication Hardware

Available in LGA module, M.2 card, USB modem, and Ethernet gateway form factors

Pre-Provisioned Keys

Built-in security credentials and algorithms, accessible by easy-to-use APIs

Military-Grade Trust Chain

A long-lived trust chain anchored by the most respected certificate authorities in the world

Choose your Hardware

Wireless Gateway

Daughter Card


XGA Module

Our Partners

Our Founders

Alfred Tom has 25 years in mobile, wireless, and automotive. He has helped create multiple industry standards, the latest being MirrorLink.  He has degrees from MIT, Stanford, and UCLA.

Jörg Brakensiek received his PhD 25 years ago and has spent time at Microsoft and Nokia, where he invented the MirrorLink standard.  He remains the Chief Architect of MirrorLink


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