Wireless Modules

The Next Evolution in Wireless Connectivity for the Industrial Internet of Things

LTE Cat 1

Choose your network at installation time with WiviCard

It's hard to predict network availability in all possible locations. WiviCard™ gives you the flexibility you need to guarantee connectivity in any installation.

Networks will change multiple times during your device's lifespan.  WiviCard™ modems are as easy to replace as a AA battery, making field replacements a breeze.

Use the same HTTP/PPP serial driver for all WiviCard modems. Our LTE modem also supports USB and integrates into Linux environments right out of the box.

WiviCard modems come with carrier certification just like USB dongle, saving you months in development time and certification costs.

Integrate WiviCard into your design with ease

The USB-WiviCard adapter allow you to retrofit existing designs.  We also offer adapters for Mini PCIe and M.2, and an ethernet gateway is coming soon.

Forget about screw drivers, pin alignment, and tiny coax connectors.  Our easy-to-use slot supports RF, data, and power for plug-and-play field replacements.

Build Your Own WiviCard Modems

At companies like Apple, General Motors, Microsoft, and Nokia, we've had success building large ecosystems such as IrDA, GENIVI®, and most recently MirrorLink®.  

If you want to build your own WiviCard modems we'll give you all the resources you need.  Development kits, connectors, and plastic housing samples are available online.  Source code, CAD files, and specifications are available on the Wivity Developer Portal.  

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