Assess the Security Risk of your Connected Devices

DeviceLookup™ is now in Public Beta

What is is a risk assessment search tool that gives you cybersecurity analysis for thousands of connected devices. Use it to understand the risk of any device you own or plan to purchase.


Cybersecurity Product Data

Complete information on the security of thousands of SKUs. Vulnerabilities, test data, and more.


Security Risk Analysis

DeviceLookup analyzes the information and calculates a risk level for each product.


Assessment and Monitoring API

Companies that want to use DeviceLookup for online retail or risk analysis applications can use the API.

Go Further with DeviceLookup™ for Enterprise is just the first stage of a comprehensive framework that increases the cybersecurity of your device vendors and monitors security changes in your deployed devices.



Use DeviceLookup to make quick cybersecurity risk assessments on thousands of devices.  Dig into the details to create appropriate mitigation plans.



Use our assessment framework and third-party testing program to augment missing data and request product security improvements.



Once you deploy devices, use our APIs to monitor any changes such as new vulnerabilities, un-tested software updates, or compromised security keys.

Creating the Blockchain Standard for Energy

Wivity is leading the SunSpec Alliance Blockchain Work Group to secure the distributed energy resource network.