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Your Strategic ally in web3 governance

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Collaborating in Web3 requires expertise, especially when it comes to governance. That's where Wivity comes into play. As your strategic ally, we integrate with your operations right from the start, building decentralized governance that builds trust and facilitates collaboration.

Drawing upon decades of experience running processes of leading consortia, we're poised to guide you towards optimal decision-making. Partner with Wivity to enhance your governance operations and flourish in a decentralized environment.

our services

We facilitate the formation of blockchain consortia and infrastructure DAOs, creating decentralized yet efficient structures. Build enduring collaborations with our guidance.

Leverage our experience creating some of the most widely used technical standards in the world to aid the design and development of your Web3 infrastructure. We make decentralized collaboration work.

The techniques we use can vastly improve the decision-making process of existing consortia and DAOs. We can help you get to better outcomes in a more harmonious manner.

Introducing Wivity Governance™

Wivity Governance is a new framework for managing decentralized Web3 infrastructure projects. For more information on Wivity Governance, read the litepaper.

Wivity is guiding industry collaborations to success

Industry leaders value our capabilities

“SunSpec has developed some of the most widely adopted standards programs in distributed energy and our membership includes the biggest names in our industry. Wivity’s experience running working groups combined with their willingness to understand the needs of our membership has allowed SunSpec to effectively integrate Web3 into its programs for the benefit of all.”

“Wivity is a rare combination of consortium expertise and Web3 knowledge. We are fortunate to have Wivity guiding OMA3’s formation and processes as we build technology for an interoperable and user-owned metaverse.”

We’ve helped lead multiple industry collaborations

While Leading These Collaborations

We’ve served the top companies in the world

Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, VW, Intel, BMW, HTC, Animoca Brands, Tesla, SunRun, PG&E, SMA, GE, Enersys, Enphase, Fronius, Intertek, Southern California Edison, Stem, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Wells Fargo, Near Foundation, Together Labs, Dapper Labs, The Sandbox, Unstoppable Domains.

Accelerate your web3 journey

Whether you're deep into an existing Web3 collaboration or just starting to envision one, let us be the catalyst to propel you forward.