Wivity Root of Provenance™
Creating the most Trustworthy NFTs on the Blockchain

Wivity is the NFT verification partner for the Chinese Culture Center Art Auction on November 3, 2021

Mik Gaspay
Sunrise, 2016
Chinese Culture Center

Securing the Digital Supply Chain

Wivity® builds technology products that verify the security of private keys used in cybersecurity and blockchain applications.


NFT Root of Provenance

Wivity Root of Provenance™ uses trusted third-parties to verify the origins of an NFT, so you can have more confidence in your purchase.


Distributed Energy IEEE 2030.5

Wivity’s trusted third-parties verify the security of certificates used to identify energy resources, which increases the reliability of your grid.


Software Code Signing

Wivity reduces the likelihood of a cyberattack via your suppliers by using trusted third parties to verify the security of vendor code signing keys.

Hardening IEEE 2030.5 with SunSpec

The SunSpec Alliance is a consortium of over 100 companies dedicated to creating industry standards for distributed energy resources such as solar generators, battery systems, and electric vehicles.  Wivity is leading SunSpec Blockchain to verify the security of IEEE 2030.5 private keys.

SunSpec Blockchain is a New Standard in Energy

On March 29, 2021 the SunSpec Alliance ratified its first blockchain standard for energy. Wivity thanks SunSpec and the following firms for contributing to the specification and demonstrating leadership in energy cybersecurity.