Introducing SunSpec Blockchain

SunSpec Alliance’s new blockchain specification forms the foundation for cybersecurity in distributed energy

What is SunSpec Blockchain?

SunSpec Blockchain is a distributed registry that holds validated security information on cryptographic private keys.


High Integrity Private Keys

Private keys are a foundational piece of cybersecurity.  They are used in SSL certificates, API keys, and crypto wallets.  Private keys registered on SunSpec Blockchain are created and protected using processes audited by authorized assessors.


Secure Infrastructure

Each private key is represented by an address that is a hash of the public key. Data associated with the address is stored in an integrity-protected and immutable blockchain that uses battle-tested Byzantine fault tolerant consensus protocols.


Usable Security Data

Private key security properties are recorded in an easily comparable standard format.  The data is accessible via APIs so communication endpoints can query this information and perform safe and automated trust decisions.

What is the SunSpec Alliance?

The SunSpec Alliance is a consortium of over 100 companies dedicated to creating industry standards for distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar generators, battery storage systems, and electric vehicles.

A New Blockchain Governing Body

SunSpec and Wivity are creating a new corporate entity to develop and govern SunSpec Blockchain. Key stakeholders in cybersecurity and energy are invited to join our effort to secure and streamline the connected device supply chain.